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Monday, November 11, 2013
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A 13 Year Old Girl Found An Abandoned Dove Egg. And The Next 31 Days Were Simply Beautiful.

User HideeDeekee on Reddit was looking through an old phone when she found a series of 32 images taken when she was 13 years old. These images showcased the day by day progression of her raising a Ring-Necked Dove.
From the time she found the abandoned egg all the way up to his day of freedom, the photos say it all.
She named him Deekee. When asked what ever happened to Deekee, her response was:
The wild one was allowed to come and go as she pleased, like a house cat. One day, she didn’t come back. Either her lack of fear due to us raising her got her captured by a person thinking she’d be a good pet, or eaten by a predator.. however, I have hopes that she simply found a mate and reverted to her wild instincts. Allowing her to roam as she wanted for at least a year allowed her to regain her natural fears and behaviors back.
Let’s hope Deekee lived a full, happy life. One thing is for sure – he wouldn’t have had a chance without this girl’s kindness.


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